Can Food Help You To Get Positive From Negative

An Unusual But Genuine Advice To Make Your Food Nourishing

When you are cooking, are you in a cheerful mood?

Do you constantly keep the stove on to complete your cooking task?

Do you love spending hours in the kitchen?

I am guessing that probably the answers to all these questions would be yes. If that is the case, then you must be aware of this lovely saying that comes from Italy “Il cucinare si fa con il cuore.”

The literal translation of this statement is that cooking is accomplished with the heart. This is definitely very true because if you are stressed while doing anything, it surely shows up in your endeavor or job. You can see this in your cooking too! If you make food while being tense or angry, the ingredients which you use will become tasteless and flavorless.

So to cook yummy food, it is better to be positively charged. If possible, try to make sure no stress or negative emotions disturb you during your cooking activity. Your love for cooking and food will make sure your food turns out absolutely delicious!

An interesting series of experiment conducted by Masaru Emoto throughout the 1990’s to examine the impact of words, music and environment on the crystalline structure of water. The experiments done by the , famous Japanese scientist and author of The Hidden Messages in Water involved placing two glasses of water in the same environment with a different message written on each glass. One glass was covered with a negative, insulting word while the other was covered with a positive, uplifting word.

The result after 24 hours showed a greater number of attractive geometric crystals in the crystal structure of the water that was surrounded by positive words while there were significantly less crystals in the water that was surrounded by negative words.

Even though your food may taste wonderful, it’s not everything. Your recipe might be delicious, healthy, and nutritious but if it’s prepared in an energetic environment that’s negative, it won’t help to bring balance to the body or the mind. Why? Because any food cooked with negative thoughts or feelings behind it transfers those same energies into the food being cooked.

When a person prepares food, he also feeds people with his energy. If someone cooks in a good mood and happiness, then the food will bring you benefits. It is very important to cook food at any time, it is necessary to feel peace and harmony in the soul, only in this case the food obtained by cooking will give real benefits.

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