Spicy Tangy Green Chili Pickle

Pickles have been a part of Indian cuisine since the ancient period. It is the traditional view of pickling. The chili plant is supposed to have been transported to India from the Americas by Christopher Columbus and Vasco da Gama. The tropical Indian climate suited its cultivation, and its fruits became popular in Indian cuisine.

Chilies are in culinary as well as traditional medicine. Chili is a modern cuisine that is sometimes known as Chili con Carne or Chile.

About Pickles

Pickles, also known as Achaar, are a common ingredient in Indian cuisine. In most Indian families, making pickles is a long-standing custom. Summer is traditionally pickle-making season, like mangoes and other pickled fruits and vegetables are in season. During the summer season, raw mango, gooseberry, lime, lemon, chili, carrot, and garlic pickles are traditionally produced in large batches to last the entire year.

Pickling in India is a lengthy process. The pickles are created with care and marinated for days in the sun, which benefits the marination process as well as the preservation of the pickles throughout the year. Salt, turmeric, lemon juice are natural preservatives that help keep the pickles lasting longer.


Indian pickle recipes are passed down through the years, and each family has its special recipe. Pickles are made with various oils, fruits, and vegetables depending on the region of India and these pickles have a wide range of flavors, textures, and tastes.

Nowadays in this modern time people highly prefer instant pickles. This instant pickle is very easy to purchase that is available in most Indian pantries. It’s tangy, pungent, spicy, flavorful, and helps enhance the taste of whatever it is paired with.

Instant pickles are more flavorful and delightful because the fruits and vegetables used to retain their crunch and bite are devoured more quickly. No other artificial preservatives are added to these instant pickles.

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